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Alliance between the Fondasol group and Canadian company Solroc

The Fondasol group, an engineering consultancy group serving the construction industry and major player in the geotechnical engineering sector with a history dating back to 1958 in France, is being joined by Canadian company Solroc, specialized in the environment, geotechnical engineering and materials quality control.

A multidisciplinary approach, a range of complementary areas of competence, advanced technical skills, people-centred values: these are the vectors of a shared vision that has led us to seal the merger that we are delighted to announce today!

A chance to grow together!

The integration of Solroc will enable the Fondasol group to accelerate its growth on the international market and establish a solid base in North America. Solroc was founded in 1981 and in 2019 posted revenues of CAD 10m. It boasts an average annual growth rate of 8% over the last four years. Its 61-strong team operates on an equal footing with major groups, participating in large-scale projects in Quebec, Ontario, the eastern USA as well as overseas.

For its part, by joining French group Fondasol, Solroc has chosen an independent partner, whose majority shareholders are its employees and which combines major engineering projects and multi-disciplinary expertise with a local approach: all of which constitute added advantages for Solroc in a buoyant Canadian context for large infrastructure projects. 

Mutual enrichment of the group's multidisciplinary business lines

The aim of this merger between the Fondasol group and Solroc is to enable all the group's clients to access an ever wider offering of services.

> An expanded geotechnical offering for Solroc

Relying on the body of expertise acquired by the Fondasol group over the last 60 years, in investigations, engineering skills and technical expertise, Solroc will now be able to offer an expanded range of geotechnical engineering services. This offering will be completed by an engineering approach that constitutes an innovation on the Canadian market, in dimensioning for the construction and rehabilitation sectors (mid- and high-rise residential/tertiary buildings, industrial sites, infrastructure, civil engineering structures).

> Environmental and materials quality control for the Fondasol group

On the other hand, the Fondasol group will benefit from Solroc's experience in monitoring environmental sites and materials quality control labs (asbestos, pyrite, etc.).

Fostering a local focus

One of the Fondasol group's great strengths is its geographical proximity to its clients, thanks to some thirty agencies. Solroc, on the other hand, operates out of its headquarters in the Saint-Laurent borough of Montreal. The creation of local agencies will allow Solroc to extend its operational and client base for the future, also helping to drive the development of its overall geotechnical engineering, environmental and materials control offering and of its expertise in complex in situ investigations.


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