La Chapelle en Vercors (26) - “Les Grands Goulets” tunnel

La Chapelle en Vercors (26) - “Les Grands Goulets” tunnel
Project owner: Conseil général de la Drôme
Project manager: Scétauroute DTTS

Tunnel project on the D518 local road; at “Les Grands Goulets”, between Pont-en-Royans and La Chapelle-en-Vercors: 1,710 m long, 7 m carriageway, 6 emergency galleries. The objective of this project is to open up the Vercors and ensure the safety of users, who run the risk of falling rocks on the D518’s current route.

Our mission:
Definition of the geological model at the level of the upstream head: performing 2 cored boreholes and 2 destructive soundings totalling 320 linear metres with deferred diagraphies and laboratory tests, performing 4 subhorizontal cored boreholes totalling 270 linear metres with deferred diagraphies, laboratory tests, and equipping the bore-holes for performing explosive testing.

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La Chapelle en Vercors (26) - “Les Grands Goulets” tunnel


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