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Cored boring and complex investigations

Under the direction of Dario Forte, the Fondasol Core-boring Units operate right across continental France and can be deployed for missions abroad.

They have boring units capable of performing all types of boring, down to depths of 300 m and diameters up to 250 mm, on land or underwater, and in special environments or ones with difficult access.

To achieve this, Fondasol is equipped with high-performance boring machinery and qualified, trained boring personnel capable of operating on the most difficult sites.

For complex investigations…

Fondasol adapts investigation methods and resources to the specific features of each project and the associated conditions. The equipment and techniques used are chosen and determined in accordance with the difficulties of working, whatever these may be (confined space, cramped site, accessibility, etc.):

  • Craning
  • Maritime and inland waterway works
  • Helicoptering
  • Working on slopes
  • Working on cramped sites
  • Working in confined spaces and/or explosive atmospheres

Maritime and inland waterway works


Sonic sounding
Fondasol’s new facility: Sonic sounding…

Since 2012, FONDASOL has been equipped for the high-frequency vibration technique, i.e. 120–180 Hz, commonly called “sonic sounding”.

The principle is to generate vibrations via the intermediary of two high-speed hydraulic eccentrics. This high-frequency vibration is transmitted to the ground via special rods and a corer. It makes the surrounding soil loose (fluid) over a very limited distance (1–5 mm) and allows very rapid penetration of the corer.

The sonic oscillator makes it possible to reach a vibration frequency of 150 Hz, with investigation depths down to 50 m at diameters up to 150 mm for yields 2–3 times greater than traditional techniques.

Sonic sounding.

Craning Helicoptering Depths sounding Cramped sites

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