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Fondasol Environnement works closely with you throughout your planning and development projects, from the preliminary pollution check through to the management plan and the implementation of the measures it contains. Our teams work to guarantee you optimised performance of not only the technical, but also the environmental, legal and economic aspects of your projects and their implementation in compliance with all the applicable regulations.

All diagnostic studies of potentially polluted sites include:

  • reconstitution of the site's environmental liability via a historic and documentary study;
  • dimensioning of a programme of investigations, then the conducting of investigations in the soils, groundwater and soil gases, to identify the different possible impacts – investigations done in collaboration with Fondasol's 100 drilling and data acquisition teams;
  • constitution of a case management plan and a works management plan: our remediation solutions are pragmatic, comprehensive and carefully thought out in consultation with the departments involved. They take account of all the relevant technical, sanitary, regulatory and economic factors.

Our teams then assist the project owner throughout the works phase. Our intervention covers everything from the preparation of the bidding documents (DCE) to support with the selection of the contractors (ACT) to tracking and supervision of the works (DET/AOR), in order to ensure they meet the specifications.

Services offered by our Environment Department

  • Site decontamination studies
  • Support with decontamination and remediation work (assistance for project owners (AMO)
  • Investigations & sampling
  • Regulatory compliance of ICPE sites (Installations Classified for the Protection of the Environment) – Audits, studies and AMO


In France, Fondasol is certified LNE Sites et Sols Pollués in line with standard NF X 31-620 for Domain A – Studies, Assistance and Control, for its entire network of Environment agencies.

We are also accredited SS4 operators for core drilling work on asphalt potentially containing asbestos, in the course of work to investigate chemical pollution in areas where asbestos may be present – asbestos and PAH analyses for the characterisation of the reuse and recovery potential of asphalt.

In Luxembourg, Fondasol is accredited by the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Infrastructures in the following areas: D3 –  waste analysis; E4 – impact studies in the field of water management and protection; E5 – soil, subsoil and groundwater pollution studies; F3 – monitoring and certification of decontamination worksites.

Fondasol Environnement is a member of the UPDS - "Union des Professionnels de la Dépollution des Sites".

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