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Geophysical measurements

The Geophysics Unit employs the majority of the geophysical techniques used in geotechnics. We operate in France and abroad for public (EDF, RFF, Départemental Councils, Regional Councils, town councils, etc.) and private (consulting engineers, industries, architects, etc.) customers.

Principal problems addressed

  • MASW method (Niger)MASW method (Niger)
    Definition of geological models,
  • Determination of dynamic parameters (Vs30, Young’s modulus, etc.)
  • Determination of rippability limits and associated earthworks methods,
  • Looking for natural or man-made cavities, networks, buried objects, subsoil anomalies,
  • Investigation and characterization of the integrity of structures,
  • Determination of the length of foundations,
  • Detection of metal reinforcing,
  • Looking for leaks in dykes, dams,
  • Archæological research.

Seismic refraction using an explosive chargeSeismic refraction using an explosive charge
Investigation methods used

  • Land seismic: reflection, refraction, MASW,
  • Water seismic: reflection, refraction,
  • Drilling seismic: crosshole, uphole, downhole, seismic coring, seismic tomography, parallel seismic,
  • DC electrical land and water 1D, 2D, 3D,
  • Electrical monitoring 4D,
  • Spontaneous polarization, provoked polarization,
  • Bore-hole electrical tomography,
  • Surface and bore-hole geological radar,
  • LF electromagnetism,
  • Magnetometry,
  • Thermal conductivity,
  • RAN diagraphy, deviation and spirality measurements in drilling.

Radar methodRadar method
Some recent references

  • Radar method for detecting networks – Alsace Grand Canal – EDF,
  • Cross-hole method for determining Vs30 – Bron – CITYNOVAE,
  • Radar method looking for anomalies – Le Génie Dyke – EGIS


Download brochure: Geophysics and Measurements


Some recent references:

Non-destructive methods, Investigation, 2D & 3D imagery.

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