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Hydrogeology Service

The water in the subsoil is a major parameter that needs to be taken on board in any infrastructure project.

Acutely aware of this major issue, FONDASOL has developed a special technical service dedicated to this problem area.

The Hydrogeology Service, based in L’Union (département of Garonne), operates across the whole of France and abroad on any issues connected with

  • water-table-structure interactions,
  • characterizing aquifers and associated water-tables,
  • storage sites for household rubbish or industrial waste (redevelopment and new sites),
  • mining sites,
  • quarries
  • water production or management.

Our hydrogeologists can get involved at all project stages: data acquisition, instrumentation, readings, interpretation and studies, project management, controls.
Fondasol’s Hydrogeology Unit offers a range of services appropriate for your projects’ requirements and issues, as part of or outside a conventional geotechnical study.

Equipped with specialist software (Visual Modflow, Surfer), this service is able to model the impact of your projects on complex aquifers.

Our customers

Order placers in the public sector (Urban Communities, Water Syndicates, Domestic Rubbish Collection and Treatment Syndicates) and private sector (consulting engineers, industrialists, developers, contractors).

Principal fields in which we operate

  • Storage sites for industrial residues, household rubbish, IBA, inert waste
  • Highway and railway projects
  • Rock or alluvium quarries
  • Mining sites
  • Industrial, commercial, historic buildings, Retail Parks, housing estates
  • Drinking and industrial water (search, exploitation, protection)
  • Sewerage and surface water networks, treatment plants, surface water management and storage structures, sanitation

Principal in situ tests employed

  • Water testing appropriate for the context and the structures to be built: low-permeability, Lefranc, Nasberg, Lugeon (NFX 30.423, NFX 30.424, NFX 30.425), single- and double-ring (NFX 30.418, NFX 30.420) permeability tests,
  • Test pumping (NF P 94.130, NFX 10.999)
  • Piezometric measurements and sampling
  • Qualitative and quantitative monitoring using automatic probes

Principal types of mission:

  • Hydrodynamic characterization of aquifers
  • Industrial Waste or Household Rubbish Storage Installation project (Feasibility, Pre-Project, and Project studies, Project Management, Controls, monitoring operation, stability)
  • Redeveloping “waste disposal sites”
  • Characterization of passive barriers
  • Hydrogeological impact studies for all projects
  • Surface water management studies
  • Non-collective sanitation
  • Characterization of mineral deposits
  • Prospecting for water for the drinking water supply, low-temperature geothermy, industrial water
  • Dewatering excavations


Head of Department: Emmanuel Gales

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