Fondasol - mastery of the domain of geotechnics

FONDASOL is a firm ofconsulting geotechnical engineers which advises constructors in the design of geotechnical structures and thestudy of soil-structure interactions.

Set up in 1958 by Charles Saint-Rémy Pellissier, FONDASOL quickly made a name for itself as a reference in the field of geotechnical surveying.

From soil sounding to the laboratory, from ground modelling to the design and calculation of geotechnical structures, FONDASOL has a comprehensive command of soils studies and geotechnical survey missions for all types of projects.

Established throughout France and abroad, its teams attach very great importance to the quality of its services.

In France, the FONDASOL network counts1 major projects department, 3 regional sections and 28 branches.

FONDASOL engineers operate on all 5 continents. Thanks to their command of the whole chain of geotechnical missions, they check the investigations on site and then deliver the most relevant geotechnical studies for your structures.

FONDASOL’s ISO 9001 certified quality management guarantees you the same quality of service and consultancy.

Using the most modern facilities in the field, in the laboratory and in the office, its engineers operate in all fields (buildings, public facilities, industrial structures, civil engineering, marine, lake, and river structures, linear infrastructures, natural risks) to offer you all missions of geotechnical studies or project management.

Board of Directors:

  • Olivier SORIN (Chief Executive Officer)
  • Antoine ROUGIER (Operations Director)
  • Hocine AKIR (Resource Director)
  • Caroline NOTRE-DAME (Administrative & Financial Director)
  • Jean-Charles CEZARD (Management Accountant)
  • Stéphane HUGUET (Directeur commercial)

Scientific and technical direction: 

  • Catherine JACQUARD (Technical Director) 
  • Eric JANDEL (Scientific Director)

Fondasol figures:

  • 8000 geotechnical studies each year
  • A turnover of € 50 million in 2013 
  • 520 staff members including 132 engineers
  • 25 branches in France + Brussels + Luxembourg + Casablanca (Morocco) + Yaoundé (Cameroon)
  • 96 teams and workshops drilling 
  • 4 laboratories geotechnical analyzes

FONDASOL is a member of SYNTEC-INGENIERIE, the USG (Union Syndicale Géotechnique) and the Comité Français des Géosynthétiques (CFG).

<i>Syntec-Ingénerie</i> <i>Union Syndicale Géotechnique</i> <i>Comité Français Géosynthétiques</i>

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