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As a result of the accumulation of skills, FONDASOL engineers also operate as expert consultants:

  • Experts in soil studies
  • Experts in geotechnical studies
  • Legal experts
  • Teaching on initial training courses for Engineering Colleges, IUTs [polytechnics], and Universities
  • Teaching on in-service training for various bodies such as the ENPC (Ecole Nationale des Ponts & Chaussées [National Bridges & Highways College]), Départemental Councils, Départemental Highways Departments, EDF, etc.
  • Quality commissions (COFRAC, AFNOR certification)
  • Scientific committees (CFMS, etc.)
  • Standards commissions (AFNOR, BNSR, CEN-T, etc.)

Scientific & Technical Department

FONDASOL has always had a very high level Scientific & Technical Department.

Its members are playing and active part in modernizing contemporary geotechnics. Their contributions can be found in numerous books and reference publications.

  • Maurice CASSAN, Graduating in engineering from the ESTP, he is associated with the development of the pressiometer. He is well known for his numerous reference works on in situ testing and underground hydraulics. Very much in demand from training bodies (in particular, he has taught at the University of BESANCON and at the ENPC vocation training centre), he has participated in drawing up numerous standards concerning in particular geotechnical and underground hydraulic testing.
  • Roger MASSONNET, Graduating in engineering from the ESTP, he is a very pragmatic and highly creative expert. He is the leading French specialist in jet grouting. For this technique, he has developed innovative structure calculation software. He too has devoted a great deal of his time to training. He is also a legal expert consultant.
  • François BAGUELIN, A graduate from the Polytechnique [prestigious French engineering college], a Highways engineer, he was previously Technical Director of the Nantes Highways Department laboratory. He has collaborated in writing reference standards and documents for calculating geotechnical structures (FOND 72, Leaflet 62 title V, ROSA 2000, harmonization of UTD 13.2, Eurocodes7 and Eurocodes 3, etc.) He is also co-author of a reference work on statistics in geotechnics and used to be a senior lecturer at the ENPC. He has worked on numerous prestigious structures: A bridge over the R. TAGE in Lisbon, the MILLAU viaduct, the TERENEZ bridge, BORDEAUX railway bridge, La Grande Ravine viaduct on the island of Reunion.
  • Eric JANDEL, Graduating in engineering from the ESTP, he is also a lecturer in soil mechanics at the ESITC in Metz, as well as a legal expert consultant. He has developed new methods for calculating the foundations for electrical pylons for the national grid, as well as remedial techniques (surface slabs). He has also specialized in dynamic calculations (particularly for the foundations for turbo-alternator blocks) and seismic calculations (e.g. impedance function as a function of the level of soil deformation). He participates actively in the working groups tasked with drawing up the reference texts concerning the foundations for wind-generators and slabs.
  • Catherine JACQUARD, Graduating in engineering from the ENSG and Doctor in Engineers’ Geology from the ENSMP, she supervises geotechnical design studies, execution studies, and geotechnical works supervision in the south and east of France for prestige structures such as the Confluence Museum in Lyon, the Mediterranean Regional Centre in Marseille, and a number of very deep excavations and tunnels in Monaco (Rainier III). Also an expert in underground hydraulics, she teaches at the University of Besançon and runs training courses in underground hydraulics and geotechnics for Ponts Formation Editions. She participates in research work and is collaborating with the MEEDDM on the drought-related pathology of private houses. She currently chairs the CFMS technical commission and is participating in an international working group on soil-structure interaction and retaining structures.
  • Eric PETITJEAN, Doctor in Geology, Head of the Major Projects Geology Department. An expert geologist and co-author of the geological map for Lons-le-Saunier (Jura), he used to teach sedimentology at the Algerian Petroleum Institute. Amongst others, he has participated in numerous project studies for railway infrastructures (Mediterranean high-speed link, Eastern and Brittany high-speed lines, South Europe–Atlantic link (SEA), South-West Major Projects (GPSO), Poitiers–Limoges high-speed line, Lyon–Turin link, etc.), motorways (A29, A34, A39, A43, A89, etc.) and roads (tunnel under the La Bastille massif in Grenoble, Route des Tamarins and viaduct over Trois Bassins Ravine on Reunion, etc.) representing several hundred kilometres of new routes. He is also involved as a trainer in the ENPC’s vocational training centre.

Bibliography and contributions

</i>In situ</i> soil mechanics testingIn situ soil mechanics testing
<i>In situ</i> soil mechanics testingIn situ soil mechanics testing
Underground hydraulics <i>aide mémoire</i>Underground hydraulics aide mémoire
Tests in soil recognitionTests in soil recognition
The Pressuremeter and Foundation EngineeringThe Pressuremeter and Foundation Engineering
On-site permeability testing in soil recognitionOn-site permeability testing in soil recognition

Experts Scientific & Technical Department

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