Apart from the support, administrative, logistics, and management services, the specific geotechnics disciplines:

  • engineers come via various high-level initial training routes: ENPC, ESTP, ENTPE, CENTRAL COLLEGES, INSA, ENSG, Polytech' Grenoble, ESIP, ENSHG, IST, CNAM, UNIVERSITIES (postgraduate diplomas, Doctorates). According to their own wishes and abilities, and the opportunities within the company, Study engineers can progress towards expertise (seniors, experts) or management (Branch Manager, Regional Director).
    Fondasol’s core disciplines
  • technicians are recruited with a level of the Baccalauréat [French approximate equivalent of A-levels] (laboratory technicians). Field technicians and project leaders come from qualification training, BTS, IUT, or via acquired experience.
  • for sounders and team leaders, no initial training is demanded; they should preferably hold an HGV driving licence, and will be trained by mentoring and by the monitors. A beginner will progress according to their abilities and the opportunities within the company, towards the post of foreman, master sounder, or even as a trainer or in field operations management.

Employees assigned to these specific disciplines are required to travel daily in the field, using company vehicles. So for them, a car driving licence is obligatory.

Their working environment

FONDASOL staff operate within an organization with QSHE Management “Quality, Safety, Health, and Environment” certified to ISO 9001, and according to the very specific MASE (for chemical sites) and CEFRI (for nuclear sites) terms of reference, and benefit from many authorizations, CACES, FCOS, HOV BOV, CHEMICAL risks, ELECTRICAL risks, NUCLEAR risks, SEA and INLAND WATERWAYS boat driving licence, and so on

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