Nice (06) - Thiers Station, Multi-mode interchange hub

Nice (06) - Thiers Station, Multi-mode interchange hub
Project owner: Gares & Connexions

Description of project:

Consistent with the urban renewal project, and with the aim of accommodating the growth in passenger throughout, Nice Centre station is being redeveloped as a multi-mode interchange. The first phase of this redevelopment comprises 3 main structures: pedestrianizing the forecourt and creating two kiosks, creating a new pedestrian access to the Durante tunnel, and restructuring the West building, with in particular the creation of a public passage on the ground floor of the building.

The natural context of the site is marked by the presence of ground with mediocre mechanical characteristics, the presence of adjoining structures that must not be destabilized during the earthmoving operations, and the suspicion of a risk of liquefaction for the reference earthquake.


Missions entrusted to FONDASOL:

G12 pre-project geotechnical study including the following investigations:

  • Pressiometric and cored boreholes down to a depth of 25 m, with fitting of piezometers.
  • SPT testing down to a depth of 23 m,
  • Laboratory testing comprising GTR identifications, CD shear testing.


G2 project geotechnical study, PRO phase:

  • Dealing with the significant risks identified for this project,
  • Take up those point requiring special analysis, e.g.
    • Defining the geometry of the geotechnical structures, foundations, retaining structures,
    • Specify the liability of the soils to liquefaction for the reference earthquake,
    • Define all the parameters of the soil and the soil-structure interactions allowing the structures to be justified by calculation,
    • Evaluate foreseeable subsidence and movements of the structures,
    • Detail the construction constraints, in particular the phasing of the works, the special monitoring with pre-defined measurements and associated threshold values, together with the possible adaptations to be implemented during the execution phase.

FONDASOL has proposed setting the final structures (for the kiosks and the link to the tunnel) on a raft, once the risk of liquefaction is ruled out following a campaign of SPT testing.


Date mission carried out: April–September 2012

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