Strasbourg (67) - Strasbourg – Kehl tram bridge

Project owner: Compagnie des Transports Strasbourgeois
Project manager: GETAS

Description of project:

Within the framework of the extension to the Strasbourg tram system, it is being considered to construct a 280 m long bridge across the Rhine, between Strasbourg and Kehl in Germany.

Each of the bridge’s two spans will be a bow-string. The two decks will be assembled at the factory and then brought to the site on barges. The trusses will be assembled on land. The bridge deck will be put in place in two halves.

The compact Rhine gravels present on the river bed will make it possible to base the central support on a large block protected against undermining. On the banks, since the same gravels are here buried beneath loose soils, the abutments will be based on piles.


Mission entrusted to FONDASOL:

G11 Preliminary site geotechnical study mission, aimed at:

  • Defining the geological and geomechanical context of the site,
  • Providing the water levels encountered during our operations,
  • Approaching the construction modes that can be considered,
  • Giving general recommendations for carrying out the works,
  • Defining any risks or anomalies remaining at the end of the study.


Carrying out the following investigations:

  • Pressiometric soundings on the French and German banks and in the Rhine, down to a depth of 30 m.
  • Cored boreholes on the French and German banks and in the Rhine, down to a depth of 44 m.
  • Laboratory testing comprising primarily identification tests.

Date mission carried out: July 2012

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