Dunkirk (département of Nord) – Creation of the methane terminal

Project owner: Grand Port Maritime de Dunkerque
Project manager: ARCADIS
Contractor: Société MENARD (Groue VINCI)

Description of project:

Within the framework of the construction of the methane terminal in the western outer harbour in Dunkirk, MENARD (a company in the VINCI Group) has entrusted FONDASOL with a geotechnical investigations mission comprising cored boreholes and laboratory testing. The soundings have been conducted as far as the top of the Flanders Clay, encountered at a depth of −23 CMG, i.e. at a depth of 34 m with respect to the work platform.

Mission entrusted to FONDASOL:

Carrying out geotechnical investigations:

  • 6 cored boreholes at a depth of 34 m with respect to the work platform,
  • Laboratory testing:
  • 128 measurements of natural water content as per the NF P 94.050 standard,
  • 115 measurements of wet density as per the NF P 94.053 standard,
  • 128 granulometric analysis by screening as per the NF P 94.056 standard,
  • 19 methyl blue values as per the NF P 94.068 standard,
  • 11 granulometric analysis by sedimentometry as per the NF P 94.057 standard,
  • 4 Atterberg limits as per the NF P 94.051 standard.


Submission of a report aimed at developing the following points:

  • Lithological cross-sections and diagrams of the cored boreholes,
  • Water level encountered,
  • Sounding position plan,
  • Recapitulation of the laboratory tests.

Date mission carried out: December 2011

Mission carried out by the following branches:

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