Marseille (13) - Villa Méditerranée

Marseille (13) - Villa Méditerranée
Project owner: Conseil Régional PACA - AREA PACA
Project manager: IvanDI POL et Jean-Pierre MANFREDI - Marseille

Description of project:

Designed by Stefano Boeri, the Villa Méditerranée has been welcoming visitors since 20 March 2013 on esplanade J4 of La Joliette in Marseille. The original architecture of this structure consists of an inverted L whose foundations are beneath the waters of the Vieux-Port, with a 40 m overhang 19 m above the sea.

The excavations were carried out through the surface rubble and alluviums, protected by a diaphragm wall with tiebacks, embedded in the Stampian marls and conglomerates. The building’s steel structure rests on blocks set on the substrate. The blocks in the outer row, as they are subjected to tensile loading of 350 to 1,900 tonnes, each have 4–6 tie-rods 20–30 m long. The water in the bottom of the excavation is collected by a draining foundation raft. As marls have a reputation for swelling, the lowest level stands over a void.

Missions entrusted to FONDASOL:

  • The G12 pre-project geotechnical study revealed the high and heterogeneous permeability of the rubble, the presence of old underground structures, the top of the substrate and its low permeability, the constructional principles.
  • The G2 project geotechnical studies made it possible to size the diaphragm wall, its struts and temporary tie-rods, as well as the foundations and their final tie-backs, the drainage flow rates, and to specify the conditions for executing the works.
  • The G4 geotechnical execution supervision led us to supervise the construction of the diaphragm walls and their temporary struts and the injection ties, the blocks and their tie-rods, the draining foundation raft, the discharge pits,
  • The geotechnical investigations carried out in the context of these missions, pressiometric soundings and cored boreholes down to a depth of 43 m, piezometers, laboratory testing, pumping tests, made it possible to properly characterize the geotechnical context of the project

Date mission carried out: 2007–2011

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Marseille (13) - Villa Méditerranée

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