AVIGNON - Improvements to the protection of the islands of La Barthelasse and Piôt against flooding on the Rhône.

Project owner: VILLE D’AVIGNON
Project manager: BG Ingénieurs Conseils

Description of project:

Following the floods caused by the River Rhône bursting its banks on 3 and 4 December 2003, the city of Avignon is seeking to improve the flood protection for the islands of La Barthelasse and Piôt. To this end, it is envisaging:

  • Protecting the built-up areas on the islands of Piôt and La Barthelasse.
  • Maintaining the “liable to flooding” status for the undeveloped part of this island. To do this, it is planned to build a water-resisting bank on the Chemin de la Traille and to reduce the risk of damage on the submersible dyke.
  • Carrying out compensatory measures: levelling the dyke in the major bed subject to flooding, moving the dyke further back on the land side, levelling the banks of silt in the bed of the Rhône.

Within the context of the preliminary studies, the city of Avignon entrusted FONDASOL a total length of 7,800 m of dykes on the right bank of the Rhône, between Daladier Bridge and the north of La Barthelasse.

Missions entrusted to FONDASOL:

G5 geotechnical diagnostic mission on a total length of 7,800 m of dykes on the right bank of the Rhône, between Daladier Bridge and the north of La Barthelasse. The aim of this study is to define geotechnical models that are homogeneous over the length of the project, in order to estimate the stability against slippage of the structures in place under different hydraulic conditions. The calculations where mainly performed using the TALREN4 program.

In the context of this mission, FONDASOL carried out a number of geotechnical investigations:

  • Geophysical measurements, EM31 electromagnetic method, over the whole of the length,
  • 19 cored boreholes and pressiometric soundings,
  • 23 static heavy penetrometer tests,
  • 18 mechanical digger soundings,
  • Laboratory tests (GTR identifications, triaxial CU+U and CD tests, direct shear box tests).

Date mission carried out: February–April 2011

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