VIERZON (18) - A71 motorway: Structure PS 82/12

VIERZON (18) - A71 motorway: Structure PS 82/12
Project owner: COFIROUTE
Project manager: QUADRIC

Description of project:

The PS-type structure carries the local road “La Croix” over the A71 motorway between the Vierzon Centre and Vierzon East junctions.

An inspection carried out on 15 February 2012 revealed significant distortion and cracking of the support components. The supports (abutment C1 and pier P2) stand on blocks that have been suffering subsidence since 1995.

COFIROUTE has chosen FONDASOL to establish the geotechnical diagnosis for the supports and study how to reinforce them.

Missions entrusted to FONDASOL:

G5 geotechnical diagnosis study, with the aim of:

  • Establishing the geological and geotechnical synthesis of the site,
  • Verifying the present stability by calculation,
  • Proposing solutions for reinforcement.

Carrying out preliminary geotechnical investigations:

  • Destructive and cored boreholes down to a depth of 17 m
  • Pressiometric tests every metre,
  • Inclinometry instrumentation,
  • Laboratory testing: identifications, straight-line shear.

FONDASOL has proposed reinforcing one of the abutments using micropiles and to reinforce one pier by adding 2 pillars based on piles.

Date mission carried out: March 2012

Fondasol has responded to the following problems:

Mission carried out by the following branches:

VIERZON (18) - A71 motorway: Structure PS 82/12

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