Increasing the capacity of the CANNES–GRASSE railway line

Increasing the capacity of the CANNES–GRASSE railway line
Project owner: RESEAU FERRE DE FRANCE / SETEC ORGANISATION comme mandataire du M.O.
Project manager: SYSTRA / SNCF

Description of project:

RFF wanted to double the capacity of the Cannes–Grasse line in 2005, in order to achieve a service of two trains an hour by 2013.

Two aspects were developed to achieve the objectives set:
1/ Adaptation of the infrastructures, with in particular:
• The creation of a passing track at the Le Bosquet halt, leading to widening of the existing rocky trench to the south and the doubling of the Lotus Flory railway bridge to the north,
• The lengthening to 215 m of the platforms in the Le Bosquet, La Frayère, and Ranguin halts and the stations in Mouans-Sartoux and Grasse,
• The widening of the deck of the La Frayère railway bridge in order to create a cantilevered platform there.

2/ The elimination of level crossings causing accidents (PN5) and delays (PN7A). PN5 will be replaced by a railway bridge, PN7A will be replaced by a relief road partly protected by a retaining structure.

Missions entrusted to FONDASOL

Carrying out G11 preliminary site geotechnical studies and G12 pre-project geotechnical studies:
• Characterizing the local geology and hydrogeological and geotechnical parameters
• Setting up equipment and instrumentation on certain existing structures.

In the context of these missions, FONDASOL has carried out the preliminary investigations:
• 32 pressiometric soundings down to a depth of 30 m, with pressiometric tests every metre,
• 16 cored boreholes down to a depth of between 10 and 30 m, with sampling,
• Laboratory analyses, including GTR identifications, CD shear tests, oedometric tests and swelling tests.

Fondasol has responded to the following problems:

Mission carried out by the following branches:

Increasing the capacity of the CANNES–GRASSE railway line

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